About Us

Hi There! We’re Bonnie and Ellie!

We’re sisters and the very best of friends! The two of us are alike in almost every way. We finish each other's sentences, and we laugh at all the same jokes. We both love fashion and watch "This is Us," with religious-level devotion. 

We have our Dad’s brown eyes, our Mom’s giving heart, and we're both entirely feisty and decidedly honest. If that's not enough, we both even found ourselves with careers on YouTube!

But for every way that the two of us are exactly the same, our bodies are completely different!

After having children, our love for shopping and fashion seemed to lose all its joy. We both found ourselves navigating these new and changing bodies, and we really struggled to find stylish clothing that made us feel beautiful AND fit well in all the right places. When we did find clothing we were excited about, we ran into sizing issues that left us defeated. Clothing wasn’t sized proportionately or it was simply inaccurate altogether. This thing we used to love had suddenly morphed into something that felt arduous, discouraging, and complex.

With our mom’s advice lingering in our ears, we knew the power of being well-dressed and the effect it has on our confidence. 

So, we surveyed our own closets, noticed the voids, and set out to help women feel their best through stylish and comfortable clothing. 

The innate parts of who we are as sisters, coupled with our commitment to quality as designers and our vastly different bodies as women have all lent themselves perfectly to the pieces you’ll find in each Bollie piece. 

We hope you find something that makes you feel as beautiful as you are. 


Bonnie and Ellie 

Vision: All women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin 

Mission: To help women feel their best through beautiful and comfortable clothing


  • Quality manufacturing, Quality experiences, and Quality Fabrics
  • Integrity/Ethically made 
  • Respecting opinions and embracing differences
  • Grit and grace 
  • Prompt and responsive 
  • Work hard, play hard 
  • Figure it out