Simply put, we create quality clothing for all different types of bodies. . .
because everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin!


What makes us, us:

High quality and conscientious workmanship

Sizing that “fits true,” for everyBODY

Designs that go far beyond being “on trend”— everything we create is designed to be totally timeless and absolutely classic

We support women in their quest to embrace and enhance their natural beauty, rather than feeling like they have to reach for some elusive outside representation of what beauty "should" be

We believe you are perfect just the way you are—what you put on your body is icing on an already perfect cake


Our Story:

We’re sisters and the very best of friends! The two of us are alike in almost every way.

We finish each other's sentences, and we laugh at all the same jokes. We both love fashion and watch "This is Us," with religious-level devotion. We have our Dad’s brown eyes and our Mom’s giving heart, and we're both entirely feisty and decidedly honest. If that's not enough, we both even found ourselves with careers on YouTube!

But for every way that the two of us are exactly the same, our bodies are completely different!

After having children, our love for shopping and fashion seemed to lose all its joy. We both found ourselves navigating these new and changing bodies, and we really struggled to find stylish clothing that made us feel beautiful AND fit well in all the right places. When we did find clothing we were excited about, we ran into sizing issues GALORE. Clothing wasn’t sized proportionately, or sizing was simply inaccurate, altogether. This thing we used to love had suddenly morphed into something that felt arduous, discouraging and complex.

Like we said, we're feisty, and we’re honest, and it’s been that very spice and authenticity from which BOLLIE was born! Those innate parts of who we are as sisters, coupled with our commitment to quality as designers and our vastly different bodies as women have all lent themselves perfectly to our fierce commitment to creating timeless fashion that truly fits and flatters everyBODY.

We're thrilled to come together to provide gorgeous, functional fashion for the discerning mom!